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Looking for real love dolls? What you need to know first!

Real Love Doll is a very personal item, so it is recommended that you need to know some basic things before buying. :


The price of a love doll mainly depends on the size of the doll and the body dimensions, such as chest size and buttocks size. Therefore, plan your budget acco srx doll rdingly or find a doll of the right size according to your budget.


There are two main types of materials for the manufacture of love dolls. One is silicone, the other is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Silicone is more durable than TPE, but TPE stands out for its quality realism that adds it to the d full size female doll oll. TPE is also more popular than silicone because of its practical quantity, it is flexible, soft and can be squeezed, a milf love dolls nd it looks quite realistic.

Silicone can be heated for a lon realdoll x review g time, so an integrated heating system can be incorporated. Silicone is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and has excellent water resistance.

So, you just need to lea top robots rn about silicone and TPE realistic love doll and decide to choose a kind of material for your love doll.

Doll size/height

“Do you have enough space for life-size dolls or just want mini dolls or torso?” ask yourself a question.

Where do you put the doll? Determine it and choose the size that will be enough for you, usually the size varies from a body of 65 cm to a life-size doll of 170 cm. Also, since these d american love dolls olls are made of steel skeleton like humans, you can clearly represent them, and this ma sex dolls being used y make them a little heavier. It is for these reasons that you should choose dolls wisely and according to the size and weight real feel sex dolls that you can handle.


Dolls have a variety of body shapes and figures, so when looking for a synthetic sex partner, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • What kind of chest do you want for your doll or what is your dream body? e.g. large, medium, smal doll sex toys l breasts
  • What is the ideal waist for the body?
  • What's the size of a donkey? For example, if you are a lover of big loot, then you go to the butt love anime sex ocks of large sizes.
  • How would you like to show your doll? For example latina, blonde what is tit sex , ebony or mature fa life size silicone women ce?
  • Also, the doll can have a sneaky inser silicone male sex dolls t if you prefer to have one


If you want to make your own doll according to the look you want, the customization options are important. If blonde love dolls you only have one doll that looks like the picture shown on our site, please let us know.

Here are some options you can customize:

  • Head - a variety of heads allo realistic dolls wed you to choose the perfect head according to your desire, even some heads have built-in realistic tongue options
  • Hair - a variety of wigs you can choose
  • Eyes - a variety of colors to choose from
  • Vagina - fixed or removable (removable is easy to clean, but a little technical to fix and celebrity sex toys pull out)
  • Skin color - usually 4 skin colors (white, natural, tan)
  • Fingernails - a variety of options to choose from
  • Toe nail color - a variety of colors to choose from
  • Color of nipples - usually three colors (pi silicone real sex doll nk, natural or tan)
  • Color of the vagina - usually three colors (pink, natural or tan)
  • Pubic hair - none, or can be customized in pubic hair
  • Detachable tongue - widely used by photographers
  • Hanging hook - a great option to hang her and store the doll in your closet
  • Standing feet - a great option for making your do real skin dolls ll stand on a flat surface sex simulator chrome
  • Packing - normal or special flight case

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