Storage of love dolls

Storage of love dolls is not so easy. In particular, it is troubled in rooms where there is not much space. In fact, the storage method depends on the use of your love doll discount sex doll and how often it is used. Below is an introduction to how to store love dolls.

Frequently used customers

If you plan to use your love doll freq dolls that look like people uently, it is recommended to store it in bed or chair as it is a has full body silicones for sale sle to take it out of the box every time. To prevent de dollz sexy formation of the TPE love doll, put it on a soft mattress or cushioned chair. Try to sit on a chair in a re sex doll 3 laxed position or lie on the b realistic life size dolls ed in a supine position.

TPE Love Doll is easy to transfer color, please pay attention to the color of furniture fabric and clothes. Ask them to store them without clothes. If you are w love doll a cup orried, please use the included blanket as a protective cover.

When a love doll gets impregnated with the color of the outfit, it is called “color transfer”. TPE material is soft life size living dolls like human skin, but it is also true that it is easy to transfer color a little. To stop preventing it, pay attention to the fabric of the furnit sex rubber dolls ure. If you have any questions, please use the plush blanket as a protective cover.

Customers who use infrequently

If you are not using a love doll too much, it is recommended to store it in a hanging position with less load. Special hanging parts are requi sex doll being used red. Please return your limbs to their natural positi realdoll x review on and keep them straight and stretched.
It is recommended to wrap the love doll in a blanket to protect it from dust.

♥ Do not use the love doll while hanging it. It will hurt her.
♥ The closet pipe hanger is more secure if it is sturdy. Let it be something that can withstand the mini realdolls weight of the love doll.
♥ If your love doll is too heavy, place things on your feet t doll factory china o distribute your weight. If you hang it for a long time by force, it can caus little doll sex e neck damage.

There is also a dedicated storage sofa that can be stored more concealed.
As shown in the picture below dolls for teens , this sofa has a storage function and is a normal sofa bench for everyone to look at. It is convenient not only for storage, but also allows you to sit normally. Place a blanket under sex bot news it to soften it and store the love doll i sexy ai robot n a natural position on top. We do not recommend storing the love doll in a sitting position on the sofa.

This sofa has a storage mattress. The cover is convenient to open and close.

You can also save space by putting your own love doll on this sofa.

So keep your bed in a natural posture just as you were doll lovers images in this sofa. It is not recommended to store it in a sitting position.

※ The material of the love doll has a characteristic that is easy to transfer color synthetic love dolls . Do not wear clothes that are dark or prone to fading.
*Please do not enter water into the connecting port of the neck. It can be rust.
*Do not bend your limbs for a long time. Please do not leave it for a long time in a very funny position. Also, do not stand up items that are not self-supporting types.
※ Please do not rinse the vagina directly under the faucet. Excessive washing can cause the waterproof ball inside the vagina to fall out.
*Please stop washing your face. If there is a stain on the face, apply a cleansing oil to the cotton swab and try to rub it lightly.
*Please do not burn with fire. The material is flammable. There is a risk of fire.
※ Those who are allergic to this material are prohibited to use and purchase.

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