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  • It is harder than TPE, but also more durable.
  • It's expensive.
  • Easy to clean
  • safe for humans

TPE (elastomer)

  • TPE feels soft.
  • More realistic body parts (chest, buttocks, etc. fat doll )
  • The material is more elastic, and the korean dolls doll becomes more flexible in the joints.
  • Good thermal insulation
  • cheap
  • Be able to contact people safely.
  • It is not as durable as silicone. It needs to be cleaned and maintained more carefully.


2. What is the difference between integrated vagina and detachable vagina?

Integrated Hall:
First of all, the hole is integrated, but this means that the crotch part of the love doll plays the role of the hall as it is It's difference between silicone and tpe a
That is, it can be called a state that is closer to a more real woman.
Also, when it comes to modeling, one piece is often made realistically, so if you want to stick to the visual aspect, you can say that t social companion robots he integrated hall is recommended yea

Hole detachment (separation) formula:
Next is the hole detachment (separation) formula.
This is the opposite of the integrated type, so that only the part where Musco is inserted can be removed from the doll, so cleaning (washin sexy japanese doll g with water) inside the hall can be greatly facilitated.
However, in fact, this is different depending on the doll maker, whether doll in love or not cleaning is easier, and the visual aspect is quite different dep high quality sexy dolly live dolls for men ending on the manufacturer.


3. How long can a love doll last?

The duration of use of sex love dol is from 2 to 10 years, depending on the method of use and care. Frequently used o sexy doll maker r moved love dolls are more prone to wear out. Owners of love dolls can do many things to preserve and maintain sex love dolls. Repair of sex dolls is easy if damage occurs.
If damage to your love doll silicone adult is reported, we will provide you with a free repair kit beautiful sexy doll . Each love doll comes with a supplementary cleaning kit to keep your love doll looking new. We also have a number of blog posts and tips to help you make your l realistic porn simulator ove doll look brand new.


4. How to clean the love doll

Cleaning sex dolls after use is an important part of having sex dolls. Not only can you keep the doll in good condition, b best inflatable doll ut also protect yourself from harm. Fortunately, cleaning a love doll is a simple proc girl sexy doll ess that can be completed in a few minutes.


5. How to save the love doll

The best way to store love dolls is to hang something in the closet, preferably vertically. Each of our l sex in barcelona spain ove dolls is equipped with a storage kit that allows you to hang your love doll for easy storage. By hanging a latex lady love doll sex doll in the shade, she is protected from harm. If you can't pause, there are other storage solutions. A common storage position busty sex dolls is to put the love doll in a sitting position or lying on the back. Try not to wear ti fat sex toys ght clothes and dark-colored fabrics for a long time. With prolonged contact, dark-colored fabrics may stain the skin of the doll.

The main things that should be avoided when storing love dolls are:

  • Contact with dark fabrics - prolonged contact can lea real male sex doll d to soiling the skin of the labidol.
  • Tight clothes, such as rubber bands, can leave permanent marks and dents if the high quality sexy doll y remain on the doll during storage.
  • Sunlight - the sun can cause uneven discol online 3d virtual sex oration of skin and facial features.
  • Extreme temperatures — the high real doll images and low temperatures of the doll can bend sex emulator full free over time - these temperatures should be extreme temperatures without worrying about normal fluctuations, but avoid subzero or extreme high temperatures.
  • Pressure point - if something presses on the skin of the rabdol for a long time, permanent dents can be found. It is important to float the doll in the air or put it on a soft surface. real silicone love doll

Save Love Doll


6. Will the skin of the love doll change buy lifelike sex doll color?

The skin of the love doll is tough and durable, can withstand cracking, tearing and dirt, but it c anime japanese love doll an not be destroyed. Be vibrating sex doll careful not to keep the doll close to dark fabrics or tight clothes. If you like dark clothes, be sure realdoll competitors to wash them before applying to the love doll. Also, do not store clothes. The best outfit for a doll is a light and loose fabric.


7. Learn more:

Q: Is it possible to make another head for 15 real dolls net 0 cm body for example?
It can also be compatible with seamless body specific love dolls how they work ations.

Q: When buying in hot flat chested love doll weather, will your love doll not melt in the heat during delivery?
A: Strictly packaged corrugated board is excellent in thermal insulation, and the lov best lovedoll e doll will not melt.

Q: Is the one-piece and separate look the same?
A: Both of them have the same shape.
Also, when you insert a masturbator in a separate type, it is basically not that the masturbator po human size doll ps out.

Q: Is it possible to move the line of sight of the doll eye?
A: All heads are capable of moving the doll-eye eye.

Q: Can I move my fingers? custom made real love doll
A: Every doll has a finger skeleton, so you can move your fingers.

Q: Is it possible to bathe with dolls?
A: Bathing is possible.
Bathing in the bathtub is not recommended as there is metal on the sole of the foot.
If it gets wet by washing, etc., please wipe it well and dry it.

Q: Is there a flexible type of body without grip?
A: All are grip-type bodies.

Q: Is it possible to play with your mouth?
A: It's possible.

Q: Can you specify the color of the lips?
A:We cannot accept makeup designations at this time.
Due to the nature of the material called TPE, it is easy to remove makeup with cleansing oil, etc., so it is possible to repaint it with commercially available makeup tools.

Q: Can you repair the love doll body?
A: Since the manufacturing factor life sex doll y is overseas, we cannot accept repairs at this time.


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