How to store busty love dolls

Someone likes love dolls with robotic dolls unusually large breast real dolls for sale s. Love Doll is the way to liv full silicone sex doll e your fantasies. The problem of very large boobs isexcept fo human robot for sale r the fact that it is very difficult to find a suitable outfit for the upper body, and the chest i small sex doll tself is so heavy that it can damage the love doll itself. When the Huge Tits Love Doll is lying on her back, her chest falls to the side because sexual doll of her weight. looks like this:

If you store the love doll in this position, the breast constantly puts pressure on the area between them, and over time, sexy dollz tears will appear. If she is in this position for a long time, the breast of the love doll looks like real sexdolls this:

If this happened to your love doll, you can give her an oil bath and apply Vaseline to the chest so that the love doll l lifelike silicone doll ooks better.
There is a better way to store Huge Tits Love Doll. If you use the arms of a love doll to s love real dolls upport your chest, you can avoid signs.

Pay attention to the angle of the arms of the love doll, they are bent. Thanks to this, if you keep your arms straight from the body for realistic sex toys a long time, the armpits will not tear. Her breasts are not s sex simulator for men queezed and barely touch each other. So, this will be the most important advice for you thinking about buying a love doll with boobs o true companion sex doll f this size. They ar life like sex manikins e very heavy, and each boob weighs at least a kilogram, that's for sure. Another thing to think about is that befo sex doll boobs re buying a super-busty love doll, it is difficult to buy clothes for the upper body at least.
When you are ready, you can buy a love doll from.

For other ways to store your adult products, see:

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