How to wash and store the detachable vagina

After enjoying the love doll, clean it well though it may be tro realdoll vs ublesome. Many of the masturbors today are not disposable. The hall yo best sec dolls u like can be used repeatedly by keeping it clean and storing properly.

In addition, if you do not clean properly, bacteria will grow and becom perfect sex dolls e unsanitary, and the life of the hall will be shortene living sex doll d. In order to use it comfortably and cleanly the nex girls sex dolls t time you use it, it is recommended sex rubber toy to wash the hall after use, of course, even if it is new.

So in this article, I will introduce you to basic washi anime sex simulator ng and storage methods of masturbation.

Detachable masturbati very expensive sex dolls on, cleaning, and storage

Let's take a look at how to wash the masturbation. Pr real doll shop epare a towel to wipe off the moisture later.

Since the hole has a lot of petapetting objects, and dust and d doll lifelike ebris are easy to stick to the surface, let's first lightly rinse the whole thing with cold or lukewarm water.

If possible, use soap such as hand soap for cleaning. If it is a type that can sterilize and disinfect, it's perfect.

Pour water firmly from the entrance to the interior of the hall and wash it until the lo real doll x tion is no more nulling. Since there are many complex structures such as fold inside, it is important to wash it firmly with your fingers. Press down the bottom tightly as shown i japanese sexploitation n the picture, and the hole will shrink and your fingers reach the back cleaning tpe doll .

When you're done washing, rinse thoro bbw butt sex ughly to drain the water and use a towel to wick away th sex love doll e water.

If the interior is intact, it is difficult to wipe it with a towel, so shake it off to some amount o reallifesexdolls f moisture.

I do not recommend but in my case, if it seems to be turned over, I turn it inside out and wipe the water off. However, it is a risky method tha cloth sex doll t can cause damage, so be careful when turning over and sexual ai bot not overdoing it.

Once the water is wiped off with a towel, let it dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. Depending on the thing, I think it is a guide to dry it for about half a day.

If it is turned inside out, put it back properly when drying and xxx dolls then try to dry. Laying inside out for a long time will further increase the risk of breakage.

It may look dry and may have moisture left, so ai dolls let it dry well. Remaining moisture can cause mold, so be careful.

Just don't leave the masturbator out of the room for such a long time! There will be some people. It&# a love doll 39;s miserable when someone find male fantasy doll maker s it...

If you want to dry quickly, you can only use a ha cheap realistic love dolls ir dryer. However, there are holes that are s love doll us ensitive to heat, so if you want to d human sex doll ry quickly, you can use a hair dryer. In the case of warm air, please be careful not to put too much heat in the hall.

Before storage, if you are concerned about stickin ai sexy ess, there are also holes that can be amazingly refreshing if you put baby powder on it. play free online sex It also has the effect of suppressing the smell to some extent. Baby powder is sold to drugstores and other items for around 150 yen.

If you put a small amo real life dolls for women unt of powder and hole in a convenie doll lovers images nce store's cash register bag etc., shake it with shakashaka, and it will blend beautifully into the whole thing. Be careful beca black love sex use too much powder will become powdery.

After drying, place th realistic swx dolls e hole in the plastic bag that was included at the time of purchase and store it. I tried a lot, but after all, I think that the plastic bag real doll official that was attached at first is best suited for storage.

Containers may melt away, and keep multiple holes in one bag may cause chemical reactions, so never stop.

The hole in the bag is best placed in the original box, but the box of the hall is quite large and takes up space. As one and two halls increase, securing a storage space becomes a lot h real doll discount arder.

If you want to store it in a small space, you can also put it in your first bag and then put it in a ziplock instead of a real dolls for sale box.

However, the ziplock is not breathable, so when you put it in, it should be in the hole after drying tightly.


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