“Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684


WEIGHT 26kg stature 158cm Big chest
shoulder width 32cm material Silicone head+TPE body
HIPS 76cm waist 49cm
bust 80cm foot length 81 cm
Vaginal depth 17cm anal depth 17cm

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    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684
    “Nami” 158cm Bic Chest Silicone Head NO.684

    Please note in the period of use:

    Stainless steel is used as the skeleton for safety and durabi nude sex robot lity so you can use it with confidence.

    In addition, the joints are grip-type, so you can use and appreciate them in vario blond dolls us poses.

    Due to long-term use, the grip force decreases and weakens by repeated movement.

    Prolonged posing can cause wrinkles and breakage of the doll.

    In addition, it is not possible to pose on its own.


    At present, silicon is technically mature, and many o sexi doll f the domestic doll manufacturers a real life woman doll dopt silicon. TPE is used as a new material overseas. However, two kinds of dolls are being made because of the need to change the equipment. CosDoll has a large selection of dolls using the n oral love doll ew TPE material.

    About the structure of the chest:

    Different manufacturing methods have different feel. I compared it below.

    Demo link:


    More detailed description:

    By pressing the eyeball, you will be able to adjust the direction of your gaze according t guys and dolls real dolls o your preference. Please enjoy the subtle differences in facial expressions.

    ※ (The image is an example of a movable line of sight.)

    The joint grip allows for free bending and poses in a variety of postures, making it ideal for use in bets as well as for ornamental use.

    Love dolls are sold in detachable or integrated masturbation. I my sec doll t is removable and can be removed.

    ① Built-in masturbator type (integrated)

    A dedicated masturbator is built in (integrated) in the body area.

    ■The masturbation is integrated into the local part and seems to be human.

    ■Durability is considerably higher than exchangeable

    ■It is easy to wash with water.

    ② Overhaul replacement type (detachable)

    You can replace the dedicated masturbator from the body area.

    ■You can experience a variety of dedicated masturbation.

    ■Cleaning is a hole only, so it is easy to use.

    About Pronunciation

    You can set the touch pronunciation of different parts of the body. It can be divided into 3-touch and 5-tou my sex robot ch pronunciation.

    Demo link:


    About the structure of the vagina

    Moving parts:

    The doll is equipped with a new generation exclusive stainless steel high precision biaxial gear, which makes it durable, not easy to wear and slip. Wrists, fingers, neck, shoulders, elbow used silicone dolls s, crotch, knees and ankles can be moved freely, allowing all positions to be realized.

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